Alliance Night Tips from Camberwellians

Alliance Night Tips from Camberwellians

On 17 May 2017, a variety of people who live, work and network in Camberwell gathered together to share their Alliance Tips with others at Elyros, 871 Burke Road, Camberwell. Here are their tips (paraphrased from notes by Sue Ellson). The event was facilitated by local bookkeeper, Bernadette Bacash.

Alliance Night Tips from Camberwellians

John McRae
Most of our 40+ alliances and referrals have come from people that we have done work for as well as our competitors as they know us and meet us and know that there can be a good exchange.

Sophie Michalopoulos
As a small business, we utilise an alliance agency – a third party where we use their resources and research for our own business, their billing system, invoicing, clients etc and rebate commissions. It gives us the opportunity to act as a bigger agency in the media planning and buying space.

Manu Fernando
My mentors have been a great alliance partner. Have been studying the CPA qualification and my additional career mentors – Sue, Rob, LinkedIn etc allows me to ask questions.

Amy Liu
Have a network with an international accounting firm and have an exchange program with the USA and have secondments, experience and exposure to different cultures and clients and host others here – from Canada, help out with the busy season in Europe. It is not-for-profit but developmental.

Jayden Chen
Create mutually beneficial professional alliances that are strategic with individual companies. Have an alliance with a friend and business broker who buys and sells businesses and they need finance and he refers business. Part of the referral arrangement involves providing an incentive for the referrals. Believes that you need an incentive to make the business relationship work.

Ray Usanto
Has an informal alliance with Sue Ellson and values it highly.

Malcolm McPhie
Commercial Finance Broker for equipment, vehicles, mortgages, construction, software > 5 years term. Helps to find finance for intrinsic value.

Eric Drinkwater
Lecturer at Deakin University in Sport Rehabilitation and Diabetes. Works with professional athletes. His currency is research  and publishing that research. His Masters Supervisor in Canada has allowed him to publish his research and go back to Canada on a regular basis. Now has 14 publications and a quarter of his CV can be attributed to his Masters Supervisor. Mutual beneficial domestic affiliation with Institute of Sport in Canberra. PhD research provides and ongoing association.

Gita Gauba
Food Pharma HR role, personal journey – love to travel, lived overseas and interstate. Likes to share her knowledge, creating different conversations and it has been inspired by travel.

Sue Ellson
Best alliance is with her accountability partner who she meets with in person every week. Based on shared but different values and a relationship of trust.

Bernadette Bacash
Meeting people via the network and sharing and going the next step has created good alliances. Believes it is important for people to come together at events like Camberwell Network. Likes having an alliance in her local area and that makes her feel grounded. She is a bookkeeper and BAS agent.

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