Camberwell Business – Commercial Property and Real Estate Leasing Event on 05/03/13

Camberwell Business – Commercial Property and Real Estate Leasing Event on 05/03/13

Sue Ellson of the Camberwell Network facilitated this event at St John’s Anglican Church, 552 Burke Road Camberwell from 5-7pm on Tuesday 5 March 2013.

Guest speakers included

The event was organised by Plan Ahead Events Camberwell for Camberwell Business and the Door Prize and Speakers’ Gifts were kindly donated by Dymocks, Camberwell

A diverse range of local retailers, business owners, consultants, landlords, tenants and real estate professionals joined in this interactive format asking the guest speakers questions about:

  • the commercial property market in Camberwell
  • the mix of landlords in Camberwell
  • the types of property required now and in the future for retailers and businesses
  • the importance of landlords completing maintenance and upgrades
  • the value of implementing green, energy saving and quality rated products in properties
  • the ins and outs of leases, renewals of leases, negotiating leases and sub leases
  • the real cost of relocation if allowing an employee to coordinate the process
  • the extra cost associated with losing key personnel with a change of location
  • the concept of strategic planning for leasing and property purchasing
  • the net value of hiring a real estate professional for selecting and negotiating terms
  • the legal options available through the Small Business Commissioner Mediation Service and VCAT
  • the added benefits of sourcing a local real estate expert that knows information that is not on Google, in a computer database or online resource (including un-advertised properties)
  • the direction of future transactions, systemised processes, implementation of software
  • the potential that further regulation will have on properties constructed pre and post 1994
  • the duties and responsibilities of a commercial property agent, lawyer and buyer’s advocate

All guest speakers are prepared to answer further questions directly.  If you would like to be put in contact with any of them, please email

Here are some photos and we look forward to seeing you at other events around Camberwell soon!

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