Camberwell Network After Work Drinks 19 June 2013

Camberwell Network After Work Drinks 19 June 2013

What a fantastic group of friends and networkers who joined us by the fire at Magic City tonight.  Yes, the event was only supposed to run from 5:30pm – 7:00pm but the last ones left at 8:20pm!  It was great to see a lot of familiar faces and a lot of new faces – so thanks for joining us

After Work Drinks for Camberwellians and NetworkersRod Smith
David Lumb (100% attendance at every event so far!)
Chris Risteski
Janet Powell
Maria Semple
Adrian Willenberg
Martin Healey
Penny Holcombe
Richard Gough
Linda Wong
Paul Stride
Mary Tan
Kelvin Tan
Charlotte Bosson
Greg Royce
Santoso Budiman
Peter Philipp
Linda Wah
Diane Beddison
Hilda Wang
Peter Liu
Geoff Flemming
Ingrid Pich
John McRae
Sue Ellson

I heard some very interesting stories from many different guests including one person who is in the running for a national award, another business owner who is out and about networking face to face to build his business, another woman who wanted to try a different style of networking and many more.

Remember that everyone is always welcome to attend.  On Wednesday 17 July 2013, James Twining, Editor of the Progress and Stonnington Leader Newspapers will be attending.  I would like anyone who is interested in sharing a news story to prepare answers to the following questions:

Newspaper Story Guidelines

No more than 3,000 words, have some photos ready too

1) Contact details or person submitting story, (name, mobile and email)
2) Background Summary
3) Issue or Story Outline (including who and how many people it affects)
4) What needs to be changed/What is so interesting?
5) How could it be changed/What can we learn?
6) What has prevented the issue from being resolved or the story being shared in the past?
7) Why is it newsworthy? (topical, timely, urgent, safety, curiosity, personal interest)
8) Why is it important to you (the contributor)?
9) Contact details of anyone else involved in the story
10) Any other important details not included in the above questions

To register to attend and meet James on the 17th of July 2013, please visit