Camberwell Network After Work Drinks with James Twining Editor Progress Leader 17 July 2013

Camberwell Network After Work Drinks with James Twining Editor Progress Leader 17 July 2013

After Work Drinks for Camberwellians and Networkers 17 July 2013Wow, what a turn out on Wednesday’s After Work Drinks on the 17 July 2013.  Several guests arrived with their pre-prepared stories for James Twining, the Editor of the local Progress Leader Newspaper.

The networking was interesting too! It was great to see some familiar Camberwellians but also some new faces too – thanks for joining us! James was asked a few tricky questions and we are all looking forward to seeing some more local stories in the paper’s ‘Shop Local – Business News’ section.

So thanks again to the following attendees for joining us! Come again on the third Wednesday in August (the 21st!) to chat with Julie Hyne, Camberwell’s Fashion Stylist who will be sharing some tips on what to wear this Spring/Summer season for both men and women.

Thanks as always to Clive from Magic City who provided some extra space for the larger crowd!

James Twining
Martin Healey
Andrew Mastrowicz
Gail Mastrowicz
Hong Ling Tan
Roderick Smith
David Lumb
Janet Powell
Chris Risteski
Robert Crompton
Chris Lesniak
Andrew Nicholls
Richard Gough
Geoff Fleming
Milton Toal
Adrian Willenberg
Ingrid Pich
Tim Falkiner
Linda Wong
John Cleary
Suzie Herniman
Christine Hopper
Ross Pepper
Mourad Shahbaz
Greg Royce
Mary Tan
Kelvin Tan
Raul Cruz
Diane Beddison
Maria Semple
Paul Stride
Peter Liu
Hilda Wang
Colin Freckleton
Hailey Martin
Sue Ellson

Unfortunately I had to leave early to attend the first meeting of ‘Boroondara Music‘ – more details on that project to come!

After Work Drinks Progress LeaderIt was exciting to see the ‘After Work Drinks’ events featured on page 19 of the 23 July 2013 edition of the Progress Leader Newspaper.

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