Camberwell Stylelights Fashion Parade 2013

Camberwell Stylelights Fashion Parade 2013

This exciting event was held at the fabulous Georges Restaurant and Bar at 819 Burke Raod Camberwell from 6pm – 10pm and hosted by the Camberwell Centre Association.

The evening also provided a summary on the art of blogging and fashion with Kerry Daly and Phoebe Montague (aka Lady Melbourne).

As expected, one of the guys in the parade hammed it up for the ladies and even sipped my drink! The clothing was fabulous showing a wide range of casual through to formal wear in a range of colours and styles.

Julie Hyne, the Camberwell Stylist assured us that burgundy red is definitely the ‘in’ colour for 2013 and navy is also making a comeback.  In shoes, high heels but with a wider base were popular at the Grand Prix to prevent sinking into the grass.

The food was delicious (hot chips, salad, chicken on a bed of potato and spinach, pudding and icecream) and the drinks were served regularly.

Over 100 people appeared to thoroughly enjoy the evening and all of the gifts in the take home bags. Some pictures below.

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