Camberwellians and The Business of Style

Camberwellians and The Business of Style

On 17 January 2018, a variety of people who live, work and network in Camberwell (Camberwellians) gathered together to share their tips on The Business of Style with others at Barolo Trattoria, Level 1, 885 Burke Road, Camberwell.

The discussion began with a short presentation from Helen Robinett, Personal Brand Connector, Board Director, Executive Stylist & Leadership Coach, Speaker, Mother, Travel Addict and Co-Author of Apprentice to Business Ace: Your Inside Out Guide to Personal Branding. Here are their tips (paraphrased from notes by Sue Ellson).

Camberwell Networkers

Helen Robinett

Helen Robinett – Connector, Mentor, Leadership Coach, Stylist, Travel Addict and Champion of business women in transition

Tip 1. Confidence – feel really confident with what you are wearing and how you walk and make sure it fits well, you will have a lack of confidence if it is too tight

Tip 2. Look like the fee you are charging – What does $50 an hour look like? What does a higher dollar value look like? The eye believes what it sees, seeks congruence and like attracts like

Tip 3. Be attractive to who your client is – Not necessarily look drop dead gorgeous, but ask yourself, who is my client and how do I attract them? A leader recruits in their own likeness. Men on boards – like with like. Large organisations, few women at the top. It is not right or wrong, just how it is. Need to attract who you want.

Tip 4. Play – Don’t be too stuck on rules – Whoever said blue and green should never be seen? Black and navy not work together? Navy outfit, wear black shoes. French put black and navy in the one garment – decide on your own rules. You may not need to go shopping, just create new combinations, don’t have a fixed mindset, play and try new combinations. Women tend to bargain shop and end up with too much stuff that could be classified as ‘junk’ or ‘orphans.’ Men tend to buy quality and when it wears out, replace new shirts.

Tip 5. Be Congruent – Think about how you behave, your words, your phone accessories, hair, grooming etc. Who are you serving? Not for Profit or Business? I serve everyone, including my daughter. Leadership behaviours and coaching – do what say you are going to do, if you are a bookkeeper, make sure your books are up to date, electrician, your wiring done.

Mandy Kerman – Finance Broker
Turn up at your clients looking your best because people can detect your mindset

Bernadette Bacash – Bookkeeper and BAS Agent
Just returned from Paris and when you walk in a shop there, the shop assistant will catch your eye and expect you to say Bonjour and when you leave, Au Revoir. Must be respectful. In Burke Road Camberwell this week, not the same.

Gita Gauba – Science and Human Resources Professional
When applying for jobs online that match your skill set, don’t be afraid to ring up, be courageous and have the confidence to ask for an interview. Persistence works.

Roberta Connelly – Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Coach
My mental health is in good shape. Tip is to be present to your clients, be available and listen carefully as they will tell you all you need to know.

Marilyn Walker – Corporate Training Consultant for Trainers and Coaches
Be yourself and be natural, if someone asks, How are you? Tell them the real story. Talk to checkout operators. Acknowledge with a smile, connect on LinkedIn and wish a Happy Birthday, makes people feel important, be vulnerable and show true self.

Christine Rice – Social Media Strategist
Partner identified that my phone cover was wearing out and needed to be replaced – people judge you by what they see. Don’t wear worn out clothes.

Andrew McLaren – Retired Pharmacist and Family Engagement Consultant
Need to look like a pharmacist, not just a white coat, but think about what that really means to your customers and who you have to be.

Colin Freckleton – Help Time Strapped Business Owners
Wear a nice watch and clean shoes and in my view, if it is not right, I don’t give a stuff, I am myself.

Susie Kiddie – Photographer
I help people with headshots for LinkedIn and I encourage clients to relax and not think about looking in the camera as most people are scared of the camera, but to think about how you should look for your ideal customer – think about who we are in reverse.

Ray Orr – Run MBE and four franchise locations
Be professional, when the phone rings, answer it within three rings, our staff wear a uniform with a label and a name tag so that people know who they are talking to, ask for their name and really connect and act professionally and then once a relationship is established, relax a little more – might forget name but have a favourite customer called ‘Mrs Walnut’ as she sells walnuts.

Matthew Pitullo – Administrator at the Salvation Army working in Finance, OHS, Newsletters, Conferences
Make sure what you say is going to happen happens at the right time and right room, Newsletters make sure the grammar is correct as it is going to thousands of people, European Meetup Organiser

Ray Usanto – Personal Assistant helping people with Technology and Assistant Accountant
Style – be consistent with what you promise, no need to be perfect and if you do screw up, nothing you can do but try and fix the problem, give a good impression, be friendly, be yourself and then your clients will recommend you to others

Mogan Govindaraju – Invoice Accounting, Cash Flow
Wear the appropriate dress for the right occasion – not shorts for a wedding that is not at the beach

Bharat Gauba – visiting Melbourne – worked in HR, Finance, Accounting, Cash Flow
Don’t be a perfectionist, keep trying and improvise sometimes, persevere

Richard Thomas – website design and email marketing and putting it all together
Tip via Vivian Westwood from fashion house – don’t wear grey, invented by Armani for large people to help them hide and blend in and not stand out

Sue Ellson – Independent LinkedIn Specialist, Camberwell Network and Newcomers Network Founder, Author of three books
After working for many years with people from other countries who do not always have good English skills, I like to encourage them to smile, it is a universal language…to help you remember this, I say ‘because you can’t have sex with everyone but you can smile with everyone’

Roula Adair – Manufacturer and Retailer of quality bed linen at Abode Living
Import fabrics from Italy, manufacture here and sell direct, manufacture duvets with the world’s best down imported from different countries, travel twice a year to international trade fairs for five days in Frankfurt and Paris
Tip – quality speaks for itself

Robert Adair – CEO Abode Living
Keep it simple – minimalist approach

Ingrid Pich – Fitness Trainer and Health Coach for 40+
Interesting as most people see me in fitness clothing and they often don’t recognise me when I am in a dress and heals. Make your number one priority for 2018 your health

Roderick Smith – Public Speaker and Market Researcher
Involved with Toastmasters and my style is to be myself, fairly laid back. Travelled to Canada and Alaska last year and was at the Lake Louise Alberta hotel and was asked where I was from and told the lady that I was from Australia, the land of football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars and she burst out laughing and then I said Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi – a lot of fun

Manu Fernando – Accountant
Be yourself, wear what is right for the occasion at your clients’ level – love colour matching, be neat, simple and clean

Helen Robinett – Connector, Mentor, Leadership Coach, Stylist, Travel Addict and Champion of business women in transition
Theme from tonight is very much, be yourself, it is the key to everything, don’t need to fit into the model in a magazine or the shop window, people buy you, so be the best version of yourself, the best you that you can be as people do business with people they like and trust. I love my clients, adore them and have a great connected relationship with them.

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