Mentor Night Tips from Camberwellians

Mentor Night Tips from Camberwellians

On 18 October 2017, a variety of people who live, work and network in Camberwell gathered together to share their Mentoring Tips with others at Elyros, 871 Burke Road, Camberwell. Here are their tips (paraphrased from notes by Sue Ellson). The event was facilitated by local bookkeeper, Bernadette Bacash

The question was asked, “Mentoring – what is the best thing you have learnt from a mentor or mentoring”

Mentor Night Tips from Camberwellians


Bernadette Bacash – Bookkeeper and BAS Agent
A good mentor is able to see what is inside me and bring out my best, not tell me what to do. About what I like to do as I get older, more open. When younger, should know and not make mistakes. As more vulnerable, can get advice.

Richard Lee – IT Services
Training sessions run to mentor staff. Joined a business group to find help for business.

Sue Ellson – Independent LinkedIn Specialist, Camberwell Network and Newcomers Network Founder, Author of three books
When you get a good mentor, they can help you move to the next level, but ultimately, you will outgrow that level and you will need to let them go and move on to the next mentor.

Ernest Gavey – Solar Business
Try to mentor business to use sun/solar energy to save money in their business. Utilised services of Rob Chiarolli and a guy in the Gold Coast – give me homework, you can learn and the value goes both ways, develop and learn more about yourself.

Sheng Wen Du (Jack) from China – Wind Generator Business Partner to Ernest Gavey
Global trading business – Australia is a huge market that is being opened by my local kangaroo – Ernest Gavey.

Louise Spencer – Ella Bache Camberwell Owner
Have had mentors in the past and didn’t realise what they were teaching me at the time, but now I do. Now try and mentor my staff in my business.

Margot Rochow – from Anytime Fitness
Been mentored and been in industry for many years and would not be where I am today without the priceless and rewarding experience of being mentored.

Martin Healey – Business Educator and Excel Trainer
Completed a Management Course and had a very good mentor. Difference between a coach and a mentor – coach has expertise you can learn, mentor is a sounding board and encourager.

Tracy Appleton – Recruitment
To be mentored, need to have an open mind, not be stubborn, do the work and give the suggestions a try.

Ingrid Pich – Fitness Trainer and Health Coach for 40+
Coach to stop ageing with food, exercise and mindset. Mentor has patience – both a trainer and a coach.

Mary Tan – Plan Ahead Events
Mentor is a guide to help you see the right or wrong way and need to tell you nicely. If you don’t need them, need to leave.

Jamie Robinson – Digital Agency
Mentor is vitally important for both mentor and mentee. Depends on the business, highly recommend meet weekly, fantastic opportunity and younger employees have a great experience.

Paul Thewlis – Digital Marketing Agency
Have worked with Rob Chiarolli with the Extended DISC Profiling – helps you understand who you are and what you need around you, very revealing and a great experience.

Rob Chiarolli – Business and Leadership Coach
Mentoring offers advice from someone who has walked the path before, level two above and then move on. Provide a sharing of understanding and pay forward and pay back in life. Coach doesn’t necessarily need to know business but needs to know the principles of accountability and results.

Angelica Avila-Lemos – Zumba Instructor
Help people have fun and get fit through dance. Mentoring – walked path but further ahead. Look at specialists and mentored others to be instructors. Provide inspiration and motivation.

Yi Ping Wang – Financial Planner and Tennis Coach
Mentors – everyone should have. Have four mentors that I meet regularly, everybody can be a mentor, including coaches can help in life. Sharing goes both ways, grow together and help mentor as well.

Manu Fernando – Accountant
Had several mentors including Grandma and Aunty. Also social, moral and ethics, inspire, bring something with you that you don’t know. Study mentor improves skills and experience, find good mentors, not bad and do for a friend starting university, they tried to help me and I like to give back.

Gita Gauba – Human Resources Professional
Even a conversation can be mentoring, motivating and inspiring. Self development and learning works for me. Enrolled in professional mentoring in HR from the professional association. Hope it is two way, been a mentor for 20 year olds through voluntary work. Experience has been empowering for young students to help them learn what is important and values.

Eric Drinkwater – Lecturer at Deakin University in Exercise Sports Science
Assigned a mentee that I need to mentor and need to learn how to be a mentor. Assumption because you are good in something you can be a good mentor. Believe there are skills in mentoring, need to learn first, my mission is now to be a better mentor to find out what to do, how to help as I don’t have all the answers.

Rebecca Nelson – Club Manager Anytime Fitness
Been a personal trainer and fitness instructor and now in management, from coach to mentor, had different staff and need to coach on how to deal with people who are in an emotive state with physical and mental changes to achieve new life goal and start their fitness journey.

Rob Ward – Anytime Fitness
Not taken advantage of mentoring. Mentor younger staff and try and help them learn from my experience and not make the same mistakes.

Hal Hiramatsu – Leadership Coach
All coaching and mentoring is unique. Own goal and each mentor build you up at a personal level and guide you. Coach gives you the technique to deliver, explain what you did wrong and coach you on how to do it better.

Natalie Cossar – Author
Mentoring is someone you look up to, strong, authentic values we seek, not impose requirements, can verbalise feelings not comfortable talking about, sometimes not feel like writing, 10 seconds of courage to reduce fear of speaking and build confidence.

Trent Ryan – Teeth Care Products
Secured a mentor for my business started 18 months ago, commercial proposition, found person who has already got runs on the board and helped me get a start.

Ray Usanto – Personal Assistant helping people with Technology and Assistant Accountant
Started my business thanks to Sue Ellson, mentoring involves sharing knowledge with others, make my life more beautiful, applaud other mentors.

Leah Shmerling has a Mentoring and Development Online Course that may be of interest.

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