Pitch Night Stories from Camberwellians

Pitch Night Stories from Camberwellians

On 15 November 2017, a variety of people who live, work and network in Camberwell gathered together to share their Pitches with others at Elyros, 871 Burke Road, Camberwell. Here are their pitches (paraphrased from notes by Sue Ellson). The event was facilitated by local bookkeeper, Bernadette Bacash

The question was asked, “Pitch – share your elevator pitch with the rest of the group”

Pitch Night Stories from Camberwellians

Alexis Phang – Bendigo Bank Mobile Lender
I come to you and I am no different from the big four banks – equally competitive helping people buy real estate and develop their small business.

Mogan Govindaraju – Interface Financial
Small Business Cash Flow Invoice Financing.

Pamela Yap – Advertising Sales
Helping you increase your business via Newscorp and Herald Sun and Leader advertising and creative in both regional and local areas. A small online campaign can increase your website traffic.

Murray Kha – Finance Provider
After understanding your requirements, can do the run around and provide lending, insurance and banking assistance.

Peter Holecek – Commercial Finance Manager
Returned to Melbourne after 16 years overseas in the UK, Ghana and Africa – expert in commercial finance and project management programs and looking for the next step.

Sue Ellson – Independent LinkedIn Specialist, Camberwell Network and Newcomers Network Founder, Author of three books
Looking forward to providing a new format to Camberwell Network next year with a special guest to share their five best tips and then all attendees to share their tips at a new venue. Special thanks to Bernadette Bacash for her facilitation of the events this year.

Colin Freckleton – Marketing Representative
Enjoy representing good people, in particular, a website developer and a videographer, executive producer for a movie.

Naano – The Panache
Boutique gifts, specialist in fashion weddings, hampers for small business, not present, what you give, how you give makes you feel special. Hand made items available for Christmas.

Umesh Ratanje – Business Adviser
Add value to your business from small to medium sized business. Every business has a beginning and end but a lot of businesses are not prepared for the end of their business. Need to understand themselves and their business. Help accountants to access business people.

Rob Chiarolli – Business and Leadership Coach
Transformation of small business owner move from chaos to cash flow. Conflict of time managment and direct business goals. Utilise the Extended DISC Profile tool, develop the leadership team and create partnerships. Need to manage cash flow in and out. Traditional marketing still works.

Stuart McLean – Fix Sales Problems
B2B sales – strategic and unique to grow small to medium enterprises – provide part time sales director role. When a business is in a growth phase, they potentially do not have the resources to work with business and sales leaders and investors to develop a sales structure – can be overwhelmed and may not have an exit strategy.

Eric Drinkwater – Lecturer at Deakin University in Exercise Sports Science
Unique because I love sport – highest level elite sport. Not just health and wellness. If you are in a job you love, you never work a day in your life. Now course director of Masters in Applied Science at Deakin University and niche is gym training for athletes. Signed up for weights and running – students on the research side. Partnerships with coaches and athletes to impropve, document and publish results.

Ingrid Pich – Fitness Trainer and Health Coach for 40+
More unique! Help people lose weight and gain health. Help people understand their food, exercise habits and lifestyle and help them to age well with high energy and keep well – as I am already there! Been a competitive sports athlete (Australian Kayaking Champion). Improve your metabolism. Many people have a bad mind towards food – so programmed to believe certain things with age – get out of yourself and develop a good mindset.

Gita Gauba – Science and Human Resources Professional
Have previously tested food for food labelling and can say that what it says in the label is what is in the food – look at the nutritional panel and look at the sugar and fat content because there are strict rules and regulations on labelling. Ultimately would like to blend my skills in both food and human resources and bring good food to organisations.

Christine Rice – Social Media
A lot of social media is a bit waste but it can be an investment. I help solopreneurs create their own party and invest and manage their brand message by building a pathway – specialise in Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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