Social Media Night Tips from Camberwellians

Social Media Night Tips from Camberwellians

On 20 September 2017, a variety of people who live, work and network in Camberwell gathered together to share their Social Media Tips with others at Elyros, 871 Burke Road, Camberwell. Here are their tips (paraphrased from notes by Sue Ellson). The event was facilitated by local bookkeeper, Bernadette Bacash

The question was asked, “Time waster or business starter – what do you think?”

Social Media Night Tips from Camberwellians

Social Media Night Tips from Camberwellians

Social Media Night Tips from Camberwellians

Social Media Night Tips from Camberwellians


Bernadette Bacash – Bookkeeper and BAS Agent
Like that I can use social media to find a solution to a problem and get feedback and feel less isolated – drawback is that there is too much information online

Yi Ping Wang – Financial Planner
Great to be able to promote business but can be very demanding, need to be consistent, post and share, people are bombarded with information so it can be difficult to differentiate from other people and be more efficient

Jamie Robinson – Digital Agency
If you are in business, need to be on a number of key channels and be on brand for each, have a marketing strategy and make sure each profile looks the same, part of all business to be online

Daniel Tai – Financial Auditor
Have started using Facebook and Instagram and found it very good – use fun examples of what the team does, not your average accountant

Jim Li – Web Developer and Graphic Designer
Not all pictures need to be perfect, good captions, write nice articles, instagraphics can work for anyone

Hubert van Dalen – eHomecare Technology
Time waster but LinkedIn is a useful networking tool and for sharing articles, Facebook not so much value, Twitter a struggle, could spend a lot of time and not get a ROI

Sue Ellson – Independent LinkedIn Specialist, Camberwell Network and Newcomers Network Founder
About to teach Social Media Strategy for Business at the Centre for Adult Education CAE this Saturday so I focus on strategy rather than specifics, but want to remind people that you can spend a lot of time building a presence and then the algorithms can change and what has once worked, may no longer work in the future. Therefore recommend that people use it more as a broadcast and response tool rather than waste too much time on it (especially if they are in their own business)

John McRae – Website Design Company
Can be a time waster, LinkedIn very good at keeping all of my business contacts together, great for reaching a bigger audience but harder to reach a very niche audience of clients who want our website design services and hard to convey that message in the ‘noise’

Zakk Goodsell – UX Designer
Lots of people call each other names. If you have got something worth saying, people will listen, otherwise it is just more yelling down the hallway. Yes is useful if you are useful

Ray Orr – Owner of four MBE franchises
Have dumped Yellow Pages because customers would ring, ask for a price and say bye. Now have an online shop so files will only come through if they are transaction ready. Have attracted international business (Irish company hosting a local conference). Relationships built on networking and 1-to1 meetings get better results.

Amanda Harrington – Solicitor
LinkedIn has been massively helpful to the business, sharing the newsletter via email does not attract as much interest as the LinkedIn newsfeed. People have more time to visit information from the LinkedIn newsfeed.

Bryan O’Connell – Global Consultant FinTech
LinkedIn is hugely important. People don’t use business cards, they just connect on LinkedIn, can be more effective in a comparative sense, LinkedIn shares a lot of information in the FinTech space, Twitter extremely useful for gathering intelligence as so many very well qualified people provide articles and opinions of value and can access more feeds from global sources

Gita Gauba – Human Resources Professional
Social media very useful for photo views for wedding preparations. LinkedIn for finding work articles and connections, good for the right purpose

Eric Drinkwater – Lecturer at Deakin University in Exercise Sports Science
Has seen the dark side of health nutrition, exercise, fad diets easily spread very quickly (without evidence), for every article an academic puts out, may be 100 not verifiable that are ‘garbage’. Difficult to help first year students to start learning when there is so much information that needs to be ‘undone’

Wesley Chan – Software and Games Developer
Very difficult to find the time to use social marketing on social media when developing software and gaming but believe that a Google Business listing that provides images, ratings and comments is very helpful to every business, use social media that is suitable for your business

Ray Usanto – Personal Assistant and Assistant Accountant
Double edged sword – both garbage and a tool, sister’s wedding dress business perfect for promotion of dresses

Lauren Scott – Golden Girls Assist
Use LinkedIn and Facebook – niche market, hard to find relevant material to share

Irwin Hau – Digital Agency Owner
Have fun with it, sick of posts that sell, like pitching marriage off the bat. Share pictures of team lunch on Fridays, enjoy it, share the love, not hard sell, if you like me, will do business together, not crap, yucky comments, has worked well

Bala SK Subramaniam – Financial Accountant
Use LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter – good for collecting connections but needs to be better way to convert to business

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