Success Night Tips from Camberwellians

Success Night Tips from Camberwellians

On 19 April 2017, a variety of people who live, work and network in Camberwell gathered together to share their Success Tips with others at Elyros, 871 Burke Road, Camberwell. Here are their tips (paraphrased from notes by Sue Ellson). The event was facilitated by local bookkeeper, Bernadette Bacash.

Camberwell Networkers

Barry Jenner
It is important to ask the right open questions and listen to answers. To find needs and problems and offer solutions.

Marcia Xenitelis
Use video to promote your services online and if you have an event coming up, include a 1-2 minute video in the email invitation.

Rob Chiarolli
Whether you offer a service or a product, make sure you deliver beyond the value of the service or product. If you deliver on that promise, you will get referrals to 1-300 people. If you don’t deliver, roughly nine people will be told you haven’t done it. We are born with two ears and one mouth for a reason, to listen more than talk.

Bernadette Bacash
Your number one priority is the integrity of your data and how your clients can become successful to be able to report information accurately to the Australian Taxation Office and provide the necessary information to make good decisions.

Bruce Wang
To be successful, you need quality, consistency and innovation. You need to discover better ways to do things and embrace technology to provide more value to the services you provide. Think outside the square to save money and time to do the same thing.

Manu Fernando
Use the phone to get good quality information, innovation is the key to success in a competitive market.

Ray Orr
If you are given a job to do, get it done before the deadline and make sure you let your boss know that it has been well done. The reward contract is based on going beyond expectations.

Licia Munari
Be open minded to different cultures, be tolerant and listen. A lot of people don’t listen. It is not about you, it is about them. You need to develop rapport and empathy for the client and meet them at their level.

Winston Lee
Perseverance and constant improvement is the key to success. It takes hard work and it doesn’t happen overnight. Lots of small improvements and wins every day lead to bigger things.

Madina Nurmambetova
Think outside the box. Under promise and over deliver as it gives you credibility. Work with your clients to share knowledge and skills and teamwork. Share and be transparent. Rely on the strengths of the team for organic growth.

Marina Vouvopoulos
Teaching and business are similar. You have a passion and you need to convey that and ignite the fire in others. You must want to share and serve others.

Sue Ellson
Relationships and referrals lead to 85% of business transactions. As Woody Allen famously said, ‘Showing up is 80 percent of life.’ Don’t assume you can do everything online, you still need to go out and meet people.

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