November 15, 2016

161115 Camberwell Network – Networking and Local Events

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It is hard to believe that four years have passed since I started Camberwell Network! However, as they say in the classics, ‘all good things must come to an end,’ and it is now time for me to focus on my other projects (Newcomers Network and LinkedIn Consulting and Training) and the three books that I have published this year.

I will be inviting everyone on this mailing list to connect with me on LinkedIn to keep in touch and pass on useful information for you and your businesses.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a few special people who have really made a difference to the success of Camberwell Network.

Rob Chiarolli for being a step in host and regular attendee at the monthly events. Barry Jenner for being a regular attendee and referrer. I have also enjoyed catching up with some of the regular guests over the years, in particular Ingrid PichJohn McRae, Roderick Smith, Ray Orr and Ernest Gavey. We have had a lot of fantastic conversations.

As you may also know, I helped coordinate the Camberwell Entrepreneurs Network from February 2014 to October 2015. Special thanks to Scott Fisher and Tim Kilham from Lanyon Partners for providing an extensive range of assistance to make this project such a success!

Kerry Daly and Henk Kelly-Kobes from the Camberwell Centre Association (Traders) have also been terrific champions for the Camberwell Network!

There have been many other special people – our venue hosts, our networkers and special guests and even the few surprise guests we have had from other parts of Melbourne. I often tell people that if you can’t find the right network for your purpose, create one!

For me personally, Camberwell Network has been a great business and social network and I have really enjoyed sharing local news and events via email and social media.

The online presence will remain until the domain name expires, but if you would like to keep up to date with what is happening in the local area, I would encourage you to:

  1. Subscribe to the City of Boroondara’s Business Mailing List at
  2. Subscribe to the Boroondara Life Mailing List at
  3. Follow the local library on social media at
  4. Find out what’s on via and
  5. See what’s on via the local newspaper
  6. Subscribe to the mailing lists of specific local groups that interest you
  7. Consider going to the regular events listed online at

Camberwell Networkers
Camberwell Networkers
The very last Camberwell Networkers will be on the Wednesday 16 November 2016 between 5:30pm to 7:00pm. We will be meeting at Elyros at 871 Burke Road (opposite Camberwell Station). Friendly networkers, of all ages, enjoy sharing business stories and tips over a nice drink (non-alcoholic available). We will also have a short informal sharing session so you can find out what everyone else does during the day.

Selected Upcoming Events in Camberwell
19/11/16 Back on the Bike 10:00am
19/11/16 The Great Fete Hartwell Primary School 1:00pm
29/11/16 Camberwell Business Christmas Drinks 5:30pm (I will be there too!)

Presentations of interest
I have been busy speaking at various events and expos over the year – slides, audio and videos at This link also includes links to upcoming events that may be of interest to you including a workshop I am hosting on 30 November 2016 from 7-9pm on Free Online Marketing That Lasts A Lifetime in Canterbury. My most recent articles are online at

Thanks again for your interest in Camberwell and all the best to you and your friends and family!

Cheers for now, Sue

Sue Ellson

by Sue Ellson
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