April 19, 2017

170419 Camberwell Network – Networking and Local Events

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Camberwell Network’s themed events series continues tonight, 19 April 2017 at Elyros, 871 Burke Road, Camberwell from 5:30pm. Bernadette Bacash will be your facilitator for the theme ‘Success Night – share your number one tip for success with the other guests.’ Everyone is most welcome to attend!
Camberwell Networkers
Camberwell Networkers
Camberwell Networkers is held on the third Wednesday of every month between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. We meet at Elyros at 871 Burke Road (opposite Camberwell Station). Arrive between 5:30pm and 6:00pm for general chatting and get ready to share your best tip for success with other guests between 6:00pm and 6:45pm. All that we ask is that only one person speaks during this part of the evening so everyone can hear each pearl of wisdom.

Stay as long as you like afterwards to enjoy a drink (non alcoholic available) and a chat with other friendly networkers. Register online so we know how many to expect and check out the themes for future months as well at http://camberwellnetworkers.eventbrite.com.au

Selected Upcoming Events in Camberwell
19/04/17 Camberwell Networkers 5:30pm
19/04/17 Camberwell Film Society – 21 Grams 7:30pm
20/04/17 SeniorPreneurs Meetup 5.45pm
22/04/17 Beginners Mindfulness Workshop 1:30pm
25/04/17 Anzac Day
26/04/17 The Power of Joy – Personal Development 6:30pm
26/04/17 Camberwell Library Facebook 101 with Ready Tech Go 10:30am
26/04/17 Comdain Homes Knock Down and Luxury Rebuild 7:00pm
27/04/17 Your Business in a Digital World Workshop 6:30pm
29/04/17 Burwood Village Awesome Fiesta 1pm
02/05/17 Supporting Positive Transitions to Primary School 7:00pm
03/05/17 Camberwell Library Intro to Android Tablet with Ready Tech Go 10:30am
06/05/17 Ladder 2 Launch Workshop 10:00am
08/05/17 Board Games Night 5:30pm
09/05/17 Camberwell Music Society – An American In Paris 10:30am
10/05/17 Free one hour business mentoring second Wednesday of each month All day
11/05/17 Bespoke Authors 11:00am
11/05/17 Slide Night Boroondara – Australian Heritage Festival 2017 6:30pm
11/05/17 Dinner with Author Kathy Lette 6:30pm
16/05/17 Having the Talk – Parents 7:00pm
16/05/17 Instagram for Business 5:30pm
17/05/17 Camberwell Film Society – IDA  7:30pm
17/05/17 Camberwell Networkers 5:30pm
18/05/17 SeniorPreneurs Meetup 5.45pm
19/05/17 National Families Week 9:00am
31/05/17 Meet The Author Laura Vissaritis Dognitive Therapy 6:30pm

Regular Events
Boroondara Business Referrers Tuesdays 7:00am
Camberwell Business Club Mondays 1:00pm
Camberwell Fresh Food Market Tuesday, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Camberwell Networkers Third Wednesday Monthly 5:30pm
Camberwell Sunday Market Sundays 6:30am – 12:30pm
First Tuesday Book Club First Tuesdays Monthly 6:30pm

Camberwell News
Mothers’ Day Competitions
Anzac Day Services on 25 April 2017

Our Information Sources
Did you know that we check multiple websites every month to find local events for you to enjoy!

Here is a small sample of the websites we visit just for you!

Around You http://www.aroundyou.com.au/melbourne/inner-east-melbourne/3124
Boroondara Business Events https://boroondara.vic.gov.au/business/events
Boroondara Libraries https://libraries.boroondara.vic.gov.au/whats-on
Boroondara Life http://www.boroondaralife.com.au
Business Victoria http://www.business.vic.gov.au/events
Camberwell Business https://camberwellbusiness.com.au
Camberwell Film Society http://camberwell.filmsociety.org.au/programme/
Camberwell Historical Society http://chs.org.au
Camberwell Music Society http://www.camberwellmusic.org.au
Camberwell Shopping https://camberwellshopping.com.au
City of Boroondara https://www.boroondara.vic.gov.au/utilities/calendar
Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com.au

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