August 14, 2017

170815 Camberwell Network – Networking and Local Events

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Camberwell Network’s themed events series continues on Wednesday night, 16 August 2017 at Elyros, 871 Burke Road, Camberwell from 5:30pm.

Bernadette Bacash will be your facilitator for the theme ‘Challenge Night – share with us how the biggest challenges can be the greatest teachers.’ Everyone is most welcome to attend – please pay for your own refreshments at the bar.

Sue Ellson will also be recording an ‘Introduction to Camberwell Network’ video at the end of the evening and will be looking for some guests to star in a ‘testimonial’ video – so please let Sue know if you are interested in being involved!

Camberwell News
Father’s Day Competition
Camberwell Shopping Offers
Statewide Victorian Government Small Business Festival 1 August – 20 September 2017 (register now as events, webinars and podcasts will sell out)

Tips from Camberwellians at our events
Success Tips‘ shared by Camberwellians at our event on 19 April 2017
Alliance Tips‘ shared by Camberwellians at our event on 17 May 2017
Money Tips‘ shared by Camberwellians at our event on 21 June 2017
Leadership Tips‘ shared by Camberwellians at our event on 19 July 2017

Camberwell Networkers
Camberwell Networkers
Camberwell Networkers is held on the third Wednesday of every month between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. We meet at Elyros at 871 Burke Road (opposite Camberwell Station). Arrive between 5:30pm and 6:00pm for general chatting and get ready to share the details of your inspirational challenge with other guests between 6:00pm and 6:45pm. All that we ask is that only one person speaks during this part of the evening so everyone can hear each great story. Sue Ellson will take notes and publish these on the Camberwell Network blog.

Stay as long as you like afterwards to enjoy a drink (non alcoholic available) and a chat with other friendly networkers. Register online so we know how many to expect and check out the themes for future months as well at These events are open to anyone who lives, works or networks in Camberwell.

Selected Upcoming Events in Camberwell
16/08/17 Camberwell Networkers 5:30pm
16/08/17 Oswald Watt: a legend of the Australian Flying Corps 7:00pm
17/08/17 Women in Business Meeting the challenge 12:30pm
17/08/17 ABA Training Workshop – 2 days 9:30am
17/08/17 Women in Business – Meeting the Challenge 12:30pm
17/08/17 Experience Collective 5:45pm
17/08/17 Vinyasa Yoga Class 6:00pm
17/08/17 Dazzling Makeup Classes 6:30pm
19/08/17 Flannel Shirts and Honky Tonk 7:00pm
20/08/17 Essential Oils Blend and Take Class 1:30pm
21/08/17 Urban Planning Special Committee 6:30pm
22/08/17 Discover the secrets of people who love their job 6:30pm
22/08/17 Club Networks: Show us the Money! 6:00pm
22/08/17 Camberwell Historical Society AGM 8:00pm
23/08/17 Lights Camera Lipstick – Video Confidence Training 9:45am
24/08/17 Being Influential In Business 6:00pm
25/07/17 Daisy Bates and Rose de Freycinet – two remarkable women 8:00pm
28/08/17 Board Games Night 5:30pm
29/08/17 Are you ready to maximise your business potential? 10:00am
29/08/17 ATO Record Keeping for small business 6:00pm
29/08/17 Andrey Gugnin – Piano Concert 7:30pm
31/08/17 Melbourne Writers Festival Hannah Kent 6:00pm
02/09/17 Camberwell Music Society Concert 7:30pm
06/09/17 The Successful Male Event – Money Mastery 6:00pm
06/09/17 The Terrific Twos 7:00pm
12/09/17 The Heartlink Network Camberwell 10:00am
12/09/17 Market Research Basics 6:00pm
13/09/17 Healthy Eating in Long Day Care 2:00pm
13/09/17 I get you 6:30pm
15/09/17 Culinary Online with Ready Tech Go 10:30am
16/09/17 Strawberry Jam Live! 7:00pm
20/09/17 Camberwell Networkers 5:30pm
03/10/17 On-Demand Workshop – LinkedIn for Business 6:30pm

Regular Events
Boroondara Business Referrers Tuesdays 7:00am
Camberwell Business Club Mondays 1:00pm
Camberwell Fresh Food Market Tuesday, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Camberwell Networkers Third Wednesday Monthly 5:30pm
Camberwell Sunday Market Sundays 6:30am – 12:30pm
First Tuesday Book Club First Tuesdays Monthly 6:30pm
Heartlink Network Second Tuesdays Monthly 10:00am
Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres
On Demand Business Workshops

Local Businesses
Camberwell Trader Directory
Camberwell Network Directory – Includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

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